Here's the story

The love was strong with these two! Just really wholesome and warm – the speeches had everyone filling up too! It was lovely.

Cookridge Hall is a good venue, with plenty of space inside and out for people to mingle. It comes with great views over the golf course and woodland backdrops, which is great for the photographer – and your photos.


We we’re plagued with heavy rain showers on and off all day here, as you can probably tell by some of those super dark clouds! But it didn’t hinder anything, in fact, I think it looked pretty cool!

And as I say, there’s plenty of space for people to mingle inside or out, so it wasn’t a problem.


With a break in the rain showers, I took the couple outside, just a few yards up from the venue to a small woodland footpath I’d scouted before the big day. Getting the couple away for photos like this not only works well, but it gives them time to actually be together for a moment.

A short moment of solitude withing the whirlwind of their Wedding day.

Anyway, here’s a small selection of the photos supplied. In total 455 photos were delivered from this one,

here's a few of them, which I hope tells the story of the day: